On this month of love, we express our love to our love ones. But what is the true meaning of love to us. For me as a rocreh web design blogger all I can say is this: love is patient, love is kind, it always trusts, always  hopes, always persevere, it is not boastful, it keeps no record of wrongs, it is not easily angered, it is not rude, it is not envy and love is not self seeking. One of my friends says that love is a decision but have not love will gain nothing. Love is the happiest thing that God's given to us.

Take note if every one of us has love, there is no war, there is no hate in their heart and there is peace in this world. Loving someone even if he/she is your enemy is the most perfect way of giving him a change to become your friend. Love is forgiving; I don’t know how to explain more about love. I think love is a precious thing that gods given to us. But the most perfect love of all is the love of Jesus Christ given to us. He died on the cross in order to save us even if he knows before he will be crucified. How great is the love of god to us. He send is only son because he loved us. But how we can show our love to him? Though obeying what he says, obey the word of god through reading bible and implement it. Praying and worshiping is also a way to show our love to him.


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