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Writing articles and post it in your blog is what you called blog review. Writing articles is not easy, every day you should think for what you should right for. Before you write an article you should consider the thought, it should be unique, and has information that can helps the viewer to their lives. The most effective way of writing an article is an article that comes from your heart. Your personal testimony/ opinion/ tips about whatever the topic you’re writing is one of the other way of writing an article.

In my own case, I write an article for many purposes one of them is to give information, facts, and details about what is going on around the world. Giving some important tips to help them and giving an opinion to any events that happened in this world. But one of my purposes why I wrote an article and post it in my blog is to earn money and to make my blogs popularity increase. And the other thing why I wrote an article is to express my feeling and emotions.

One of my techniques why I wrote a unique article because sometimes I feel depress and this is my way of expressing my emotions. Some of the blogger specially the rocreh web design write an article for their own desire to become the number one above the student’s blogger. All I can say is these we should be honest what we are writing, giving them helpful tips to make their life easy/comfortable, and help them to know what the latest news, event that happened around us.


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