Tips how to become a successful blogger

Every blogger wants their blogs popular in order to gained profit such as MONEY. I have known lots of people who becomes successful to their life’s as a blogger 2 of them are already bought a car, not just an ordinary car but a car that worth more than 1 million pesos. Wow, it is very impressive to a blogger like that. As a student/ rocreh web design bloggers, it is not possible to us to become a successful blogger someday. But, how can we become a successful blogger?

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Tips How to become a successful blogger:
  1. Be patient.
  2. Focus to the most popular keyword.
  3. Optimize your blog.
  4. Get back links
  5. Blog should be on the page 1 on the Google search result.
  6. Get Adsense.
  7. More tips on how to become a successful blogger!!!---> Click here!!

  • Impatient attitude will make you worst! Yes, blogging is boring but if you don’t have enough patient you will not be successful blogger or else you will ignore/lived the blogging world. In order to gained patient you should LOVE what you are doing.
  • You should have focus to the most popular keyword. The most in demand word as far as I know is the keyword: “Watch movie online”.
  • Optimizing is one to the most effective way to make your blogs popular. Take note, over optimizing will make your blogs vanish to the google search.
  • Getting back links to the other blogs will help you to popularize you blogs.
  • If you’re on the top or on the first page of the google search result you will have lots of visitors and you will have the conclusion that the first page on the top will be to one to be clicked by the researcher/visitors.
  • Getting adsense is the most important. If you don’t have adsense your blog is useless. Coz, for me blogging is income, blogging is publishing ads, facts, news, information and reactions that can earns money!!! Why should we blog for!?! Because of “MONEY/INCOME”, if you don’t have income you are just wasting your time and effort in the world of blogging.
Take note:, publishing ads, facts, news, information and reactions that comes to your heart is the most effective way to make your blog unique and popular.

Guys!!! There are more tips to become a successful blogger. if you want I will teach it to you!!
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