This 2010, our Computer education department will held a first blogging contest. In title “rocreh web design” this is the most awaited contest of our co-students, because they will pursue and explore their talent in the world of blogging through this competition. Therefore the IT teachers decided to have a competition in order to train their student, they think that the best way of teaching them is to have a competition with their co-department.

To won this competition is not easy, coz if you are a member/participant of this competition you should be patient. Be on the top of the Google search until the contest will end. No one can say who will win but the most patient person will be the one who will win this contest. I have no doubt to my teachers, coz they do this thing for us I was so ashamed coz this day a was caught playing “Plants vs. Zombies” inside the laboratory. Yes I admit, I play that games because I want to relax after I optimize my site. I was hurt because of what he says: “MASTER OF GAMES, tani nag HRM ka na lang!!” ouch!!!. He think I was only playing games but he don’t know what is the real scenario, I think he says that to me in order for me to pursue/continue my blog. Thank you very much sir, even if it hurt but it helps me a lot. This is what his way of pursuing us to continue our blog and not for playing games.. so to my co-contestant this is the time for us to become a blogger. Good luck every one…………!! Coz our teacher wants us to learn more about blogging.


rene volpi said...

Love it, love it, love it! This is fantastic work, excellent execution and just all together a great set-up. Congratulations. Very creative indeed. Simple but extremelly well put together.
Keep up the good work!
René Volpi

John said...
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